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"Absolutely the best"


We are here to wash and tackle every crease you can find on your clothes. We iron every kind of clothes. You can be assured that your beautiful clothes aren't going to be ruined by ironing at our place. We offer ironing clothes at a very cheap price. We iron them after washing your clothes. Ironing your clothes at our places protects it while giving you smooth clothes with zero creases.

If you wish to iron your clothes only, that would be absolutely fine, we would accept it for ironing only.




We offer quick washing and folding and service right here. We are the first company to bring about 24 hours turnover services. Your clothes are washed with utmost care and with precision so that you wont be dissatisfied with what we have as our final product.

We fold it into a non-creasing and easy to use shape. We offer starch as per your wish on your clothes as well. So remember us the next time you look at your dirty clothes and think eww these needs some deep washing.

And the best part ...guess how much we charge for our delivery and pickup services? If you guessed zero then bravo you're correct. You heard us right. We charge absolutely nothing to pickup and deliver the washed clothes to your house in the three distrcits inside kathmandu valley ie. Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Lalitpur.

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